Client Update Service Client Web Terms and Conditions

In using the Client Update Service, you agree to accept the following conditions:

You consent that any personal information collected will be forwarded to the Government services you are registered with to enable them to update their records with your new address details. Failure to provide all the information requested may result in those services being unable to process your change of address notification.

Your personal information is collected for the purposes of notifying Government services of any changes to your details. This information may also be disclosed to other public sector bodies, where necessary, for the efficient storage and use of the information. Personal information will be managed in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act 2004 (Tasmania) and may be accessed by the individual to whom it relates on request to the agency or agencies to which the information was forwarded by the Client Update Service.

The Client Update Service cannot be used to notify a change of name.

The Tasmanian Vehicle and Traffic Act 1999 and the Libraries Act 1984 require that a person holding a driver’s licence, or having a vehicle registered in Tasmania, or holding a Libraries Tasmania membership card must advise of any changes in their contact details. It is recommended that you provide your driver licence number, vehicle registration number and your library card number, where relevant, to assist in processing your change of address request.

If you hold a Tasmanian driver’s licence, a sticker showing your new residential address will be sent to you by the Department of State Growth within 14 days of your notification.

Note: You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to use the Client Update Service. If you are unable to access this service, please telephone 1300 13 55 13 or visit your nearest Service Tasmania Shop during normal business hours to notify of your change of address.